What Parents Are Saying

My two daughters have been attending Smart Start for 5 months now and it has been the best experience for them, and for me as a parent. My oldest used to have a lot of separation anxiety when leaving me but after a few days here, she kept asking when she could go back. No more anxiety! She can’t wait to go. I think it helps that it is a very comfortable ‘family’ feeling there. Both of my girls are thriving, they have learned so much already in the short time they have been there. The way they learn through crafts, baking, cooking, outdoor adventures, etc… makes it so much fun for them. They love the relationships they have made and talk about their friends and teachers all the time. I know they are so well taken care of, loved, and learning so much when I drop them off. It’s the best feeling for a parent. I can’t recommend Smart Start enough! Mary and Francesca are incredible!

Melissa Barrett

I have had the opportunity to visit this wonderful preschool last year, and this year to offer Oral Health presentations as part of our dental practice Community Outreach Programs during the National Children’s Oral Health Month. During my time at the preschool, I have witnessed the amazing educational, social, language, and hands-on components this school puts together on a daily basis. The children work in an amazing variety of topics that are reinforced by professionals visits.
Congratulations on such an innovative curriculum!

– Martha Forero-Community Outreach programs coordinator

Our daughter has been attending Smart Start for 8 months and is thriving there. She loves going to school to see her friends, Mary, and Francesca. I love receiving the pictures of all the adorable and creative activities and crafts that they do throughout the day. My daughter learns so much at school and it seems like she comes home with new words every day she’s there. Most importantly my daughter is genuinely happy and excited to go to school. I highly recommend Smart Start!

Kassie McSurdy Boilard

Our son started halfdays at SSYL last Oct just after he turned two. Despite his delayed speech, Miss Mary and Miss Francesca have done well to include him in the variety of activities – crafts, special guests, outdoor time. He always comes home happy and tired from a full morning of fun. We appreciate the feedback we got on our little guy and are happy he’s doing so well with his new friends there. We’ve found the communication and business end of SSYL to be professional and well organized. We’re happy with our decision to bring our little guy here and couldn’t recommend them enough.

Jeffrey Pellenz

My daughter started going to SMART START thanks to my friend’s recommendation, and now I could not wish for a better place for her. In the very beginning, I was worrying about how she will settle there because my daughter was strongly attached to me and did not speak English at all. Mary and Francesca did a great job accommodating her. Now SMART START is her favorite place and she says “thank you for bringing me to Miss Mary’s and Miss Francesca’s house” when I pick her up. It means a lot to me. The program is amazing. Children learn new things every day, and they do it in a super fun and creative way. I’m so happy we have found SMART START and highly recommend it.

Alina Solonnikova

I’m so grateful we found Smart Start! My daughter (age 2) has learned so much since she started attending 6 months ago. Mary & Francesca have put together a really creative & educational curriculum and they also do an amazing job of keeping the parents involved through their blog, monthly newsletters, and social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram). I highly recommend Smart Start!

– Danielle Moise

My daughter has been going to Smart Start for over 6 months now and she loves it! She is always so happy to go in and talks a lot about the fun things she got to do and her little friends! Mary and Francesca are so good with kids, the program and activities they come up with are just amazing, and the atmosphere is so warm and family like. My daughter is really thriving there! Couldn’t recommend high enough!

– Svetlana Peixotto

Smart Start is truly a gift for our son and we feel so fortunate to have found Mary and Francesca. They are wonderful with the children and the plans they make for the kids every day to learn are top rate. Our two year old son is thriving at Smart Start. He is independent, confident and continues learning important life skills while making friends and having fun. He is happy every day that we drop him off and pick him up. I cannot recommend Smart Start enough!

– Jen Roberts 

We have been bringing out son and daughter to Smart Start for about 6 months now, and we cannot recommend it enough! We feel so comfortable with Mary and Francesca, they are truly amazing. Our kids both love going and have made friends with all the other kids there. Mary is incredible with communication – she also send us pictures of what the kids are up to every day. We are so lucky to have our kids at Smart Start!

– Nick Barash

We can’t say enough wonderful things about Smart Start. Our daughter who had never been in a formal school or daycare center is thriving there. We are so impressed with the care she receives as well as their curriculum. She is so excited to go to school . Mary and Franseca are fantastic teachers who create a nurturing and dynamic environment for the children. We can’t recommend Smart Start enough.

– Stephanie Ricciardi Kaufmann

Miss Mary and Miss Francesca are absolutely wonderful. Our older daughter started at Smart Start in May 2016 and our younger daughter September 2016. Miss Mary has been excellent to work with and is providing our daughters with endless development opportunities. We can’t believe all of the things that Mary is doing with our girls- it really is amazing to see. Our girls our happy and learning every day that they are there. It’s comforting to leave them with what feels like our extended family. We highly recommend Smart Start!

– Gina Monteforte Newton

Mary is fantastic and we can’t thank her enough for the wonderful care she provides. Smart Start is a very safe, fun, and nurturing environment for the kids to learn. My son practically leaps out of my arms each morning I drop him off. I find this comforting knowing he trust Mary and enjoys being there with the other kids. Mary does an endless list of activities each day that encourages and develops creative minds, motor skills, independence, and so much more! A good reliable home daycare is hard to find, so grateful to have found Smart Start!

– Jennifer Witts

Mary has created such an incredible space for young kids to play and learn. Our daughter always runs into Mary’s home and doesn’t even look back as she jumps right in, playing with toys and the other kids. Mary has a rich program for the kids that includes art projects and a variety of toys to facilitate learning. We have been surprised what our daughter has been able to do and how much she has learned in such a short time! Important for me has also been continual communication with Mary to understand how our daughter has been during the day. We know she has been having a great time and is reluctant to leave at the end!

– Hillary Monroe Mamis

Mary and her family are so wonderful! My 9 month old goes to Smart Start and we could not be happier. My son lights up around Mary and her family. Even though he is only an infant, he has a very fun day filled with activities! I love receiving the pictures she sends me and seeing how happy he is. They do things like painting and drawing, and are always playing and learning in a nurturing environment. I also receive a summary of his day and schedule. I highly recommend Smart Start!

– Shelagh Anderson

I feel so fortunate that I found Smart Start. I always leave my son feeling confident that he is in the best possible place. He loves being there with Mary, Francesca and all his friends. Mary always has something planned for the kids and it’s sweet to get pictures during the day of how he’s doing. Couldn’t be happier.

– Jenn Ezell

20+ years ago Mary owned another in home daycare called Tiny Tots. I was privileged to be cared for by her. My family so adored her that we have always kept in touch all these years. I have watched her raise her beautiful children and I have no doubt she cares for each of her Smart Start kids just as much! I wouldn’t hesitate to send my son to her if we were not states away. Mary is loving, passionate, and committed to nurturing children in an environment that allows them to blossom to their fullest potential.

– Angela Fraiz Campos

Mary is absolutely wonderful! She truly cares about the kids she works with and is absolutely accommodating to their parents. She has so many fun things planned for the kids that they can’t wait to go visit her again. As a working parent, I am so thankful to have Mary as a resource, and I know that my kids are in great care when they are with Mary!

– Jillian Dubman

SMART START is the absolute best and so is Miss Mary! My daughter goes twice per week and you would think she spends all week there because she loves it so much! We started with Miss Mary when my daughter was 5 months old and she is now 1. She has grown so much in her time with Miss Mary. Mary is a wonderful teacher and caregiver and I have felt 100% comfortable leaving my daughter since day one. Mary provides children with both a wonderful learning and social experience. My daughter comes home with the cutest projects and I know her day is full of fun! Communication is key and Mary always fills me in on my daughter’s day and sends photos! We love SMART START and highly recommend Miss Mary to all!

– Tracy Klipfel

An educator for the past 20 years, as well as a mother of five- I have yet to encounter anyone who loves children more than the staff at SMART START.
It is absolutely the smartest start for your child! Mary’s innate love of children and her ability to embrace the uniqueness of each child she encounters is unparalleled. Her passion, inquisitive nature allows children to embrace their often untapped creative nature. Mary’s personality overflows into all she does and it is evident by the faces of the children she encounters. She prides herself on guiding each child to express and utilize their unique talents . This care fosters independence, builds self esteem while providing an authentic learning, playing and growing experience.

– Amy Schrader Blanchard

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Ms. Mary! Knowing her personally, as well as professionally, has been a truly fortunate experience! Having had the opportunity to work with her in North Andover Public Schools’ after-school programs and seeing first hand her ability to care for and teach children was insightful and outstanding! I learned a tremendous amount from her and even use many of her techniques in my own teaching! Ms. Mary is warm and incredibly caring, creative, and enthusiastic. Her passion for children is truly inspiring! I am thrilled for her and SMART START!

– Robert Brenton Jackson

Our son has been attending SMART START three days a week for a little over a month, and we couldn’t be happier. He is stimulated all day long and has a great time playing with the other kids. He loves Mary and her children, and has grown and developed so much in the short time he has been going there. Mary is so creative with the activities she plans every day, and it is so obvious that she loves what she does. We are so happy to have found SMART START and highly recommend this program.

– Andrea Nacewicz Desimone

Have known Mary for some time now. This place is in a safe and good neighborhood. Mary is a great person to be with. She is very hard working and affectionate. In few words, she is a wonderful mother and caretaker.

– Mamta Murthy

I have know Mary for over 10 years I am so happy she started this business. It is her passion! Mary is outstanding with children! I can’t recommend her enough!

– Stephanie Morris

Our daughter goes to Smart Start and we couldn’t be happier. Mary is amazing with the kids and they are always are doing activities that help with their development.

– Jenny Valencia